Recent Talks

Talk at the ESO workshop 

"Peer Review Under Review",  February  6-10, 2023 - Garching, Germany

Seminario divulgativo per le scuole secondarie 

"Il ruolo benefico del caso", 20 febbraio 2022, link 

Talk at  the Workshop on Sociophysics:
Social Phenomena from a Physics Perspective
October 20, 2021  - link (starting at 30.00)

Seminario per la Notte dei ricercatori 

"Il ruolo benefico del caso", 24 Settembre 2021, link  

Talk at CCS2020 on december 8, 2020, link 

Talk at CCS2020 on december 7, 2020, link 

Talk at the  10th European Lotteries Congress  in Antwerp (Belgium)  on may 28, 2019: Video - Slides

Talk at  the SISFA conference in Messina (Italy)  on october 3, 2018, link

Talk at  the Complexity Science Hub meeting   in Vienna (Austria)  on may 24, 2018, link

Talk at Trivago Academy in Dusseldorf (Germany) on may 16, 2018, link

Talk at the University of Oslo (Norway) on march 4   2016, link 

Talk in Stockholm for  the Swedish Television, broadcasted on may 22, 2015,  link