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Short Bio 

Andrea Rapisarda is full professor of theoretical physics at the University of Catania , Italy. 

He is the  coordinator of a  PhD program in “Complex systems for Physical, Socio-economic and Life Sciences”. 

He is an external faculty member of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, co-director of the International  School on Complexity  of the Ettore Majorana Foundation in  Erice with A. Zichichi, G. Benedek,  C. Tsallis.

He  is coauthor of more than 180 publications in international journals and member of the editorial board of the International journals Physica A, Heliyon, Cogent Physics, Frontiers in Physics (Social physics), Entropy, Complexity, Frontiers in Complex Systems.

His main interests of research are Complex Systems, Statistical mechanics, Chaos theory,   Networks and Multi-agent models applied to socio-economic systems.

He is Departmental delegate for strategic planning. He was President  of the Commissione paritetica of DFA (2020-2023). He was  also Rector's delegate for Internationalization and Erasmus Coordinator for the University of Catania in the period march 2013 - november 2016.

His main interests of research are Complex Systems, Statistical mechanics, Deterministic chaos, Nonlinear dynamics, Complex networks and Multi-agent models applied to socio-economic systems.

In the last years, Andrea Rapisarda has focused his research on the beneficial role of random strategies in socio-economic systems, the results have been featured in several international newspapers, radio and TV programs such as The New York Times, Forbes, Financial Times, Le Figaro, The Guardian, BBC, Swedish Television, Corean Television SBS, RAI Television and many others ( for recent interviews see this link , for recent talks see this link)

In 2010 together with Alessandro Pluchino and Cesare Garofalo he was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for Management at Harvard University (for more info see this link). In 2022 he won again the Ig Nobel Prize for  Economics (for more info see this link)

The  web page at the Department of Physics and Astronomy "Ettore Majorana" of the University of Catania can be found at this link